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Providing professional Screenplay services to Studios and Production companies
for more than 20 years in the industry.

As a Story Analyst and Script Developer for American and European studios, I have contributed to the development of about 60 produced, theatrical features and tv projects. 

I began my career as a Story Analyst for Paramount and New Line and now my clients include such diverse studios as Focus Features (Universal Pictures) Timeless Films (UK), New Line Cinema (Warner Bros), to name a few.
When developing and fixing screenplays, I draw upon a huge vocabulary of writing techniques, devices, and tools for every genre and format. 
I serve the Producer and the Writer by being an agent for the audience. I raise the questions they would raise; I offer suggestions for problems before they have a chance to become issues on the screen.
My story notes always aim to provide the Writer with detailed and practical advice on how to improve and strengthen their script so that it can reach its maximum audience within the genre. 

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Dan Hoffmann

Born 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduated from NYU, New York and FAMU, Prague. Lives in New York but works on both coasts.

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