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This package is a favorite among professional writers and studios who want to get a complete grip on all the areas that need to be strengthened.The purpose of this analysis is to provide the writer or Producer with a complete checklist from which a rewrite can be built on. This analysis literally goes into each and every issue and offers solutions. Among many other things, this analysis covers; 


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This is a professional service, designed to facilitate re-writes by going through the screenplay, chronologically, scene by scene, beat by beat from beginning to "fade out"
All comments will address the issues head-on with constructive and inspiring ideas that will help the writer redeem his original vision into a strong, coherent screenplay.


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when adapting novels, articles or biographies into movies, a lot of re-imagining has to be done to make it work as a coherent movie. This report breaks down exactly how to approach that for your specific project. 


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Without a good Logline, no-one in the professional industry will ever read your screenplay. For a small fee, I will appraise and evaluate your Logline and give you concrete advice on how to improve it.

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