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A Book is not a movie. Neither is a life story, nor an article.


Not only are there many differences in the way they are written, differences between visual and auditory narration and a difference in length, But the two media are based almost incompatible traditions; The narrative tradition vs the dramatic - History vs Story.


In order to maintain the spirit of the original source, whether that book is a novel, a short story or an article, -  Editing is not enough.


Successful movies work because they are designed around a story concept. 


This report breaks down your source material and offers viable concrete solutions to how the original story can work as a dramatic concept. The Report in 10 pages long and lays out:

  • New dramatic focus
  • Themes, story, and subplot
  • New story structure, broken down into 3 acts
  • Plot concept
  • Suspense concept
  • Story framing
  • Charachter interaction
The Conceptualization report is a powerful tool that gives the writer everything she needs to know to get started writing the first draft of the screenplay.
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