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Your Logline is the foundation of your story. This is where it all begins. From a successful logline, you can build a synopsis, later a beat-sheet, a treatment and lastly; your first draft of your screenplay.
A Logline is like the foundations of a house. If you build it on soft ground, no fixing can improve
your house, once it's built.
If your logline doesn't work, the problems in it will reverberate through all subsequent developments and may prove to become an unfixable script.
For that reason, it's extremely important to fix the problems in your logline before you move on.
The Logline appraisal report is the most affordable in my catalog of services. It provides you with 3 full pages of comments and suggestions from an industry professional.
It will only set you back $ 75 dollars but it is money well spent because the foundation of your story is something that will define all later drafts and re-writes.
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