Updated: Dec 23, 2019

By Dan Hoffmann

Congratulations !!!

A few minutes ago you finally pounded the words "Fade out" onto the last page of your screenplay and naturally, you are excited to have completed a whole screenplay. And, in a few days, when you are done celebrating, you are ready to take the next step; Selling it.

Unfortunately, the movie industry on the west coast is a lot like popping a can of soda. Once, you've popped the can and the fizz is out, the fizz is out and there's no way of putting it back in. So, if you happen to be among those many who pitch a screenplay before its ready, you can't go back at a later time and re-pitch it again, even if you've re-written it.

I can not tell you how many times I've sat through pitch meetings with producers, in my capacity as a script consultant. If the screenplay had been pitched before and rejected, they would refuse to even read a script the second time around

- Even if the writer had re-written it.

You, see when a studio invests time in reading a screenplay, they aren't likely to go back an re-evaluate their first rejection, even if you have re-written your screenplay, since last. They've spent time and money on evaluating the first time - money they are never getting back.

First impressions, as they say, do last. And that's why it's so important to make sure your screenplay is ready before you shop it around.

But how do you know if your screenplay is ready? This series of articles will give you some pointers in the shape of questions and answers. - Questions that I urge you to ask yourself honestly if you want to improve your chances of selling your script.